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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  December 20, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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from the city, to the counties, to your neighbor, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. welcome back, this hour number three for us for the sunday morning coverage. dealing with the record snowfall for december. here's the conditions where some people ran into big problems when they attempted to brave the roadways. looking live outside in downtown baltimore. the snowfall tapered off allowing primary roads to be clear but side roads still a mess in some areas. >> some of the snow melt off of the roads but still a cleanup effort ahead.
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live with first-warning weather coverage. tim williams and marty bass has been tracking the weather. definitely feeling feeling feeling the call after the storm and the storm is going to be with us for some time with the effects and the effects are historic. let's talk about first-doppler radar. we're looking at calmer conditions. a disturbance from the ohio valley bringing us some flurries, that's the storm that rolled through here, still spinning offshore and moving up into new england on route up north. we're seeing a bit of a calmdown after the storm. all-snow event for most of us except ocean city that saw rain
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and snow because they're temperatures were just a little above freezing. now the storm is moving northeast. what we're left with now, colder temperatures, winds still a little bit blustery but calm, expecting them to pick up. temperatures in the mid-20s. 28 on kent island and 22 in westminister. that's your range. with the winds picking up to 13 miles per hour across bwi marshall, some coastal flood concerns through about 10:00 today as high surf on the eastern shore until about 2:00. 32 is the high. clouds break for some sun. 20 degrees tonight, clear and brisk and 38 tomorrow with some refreezing in the overnight hours. marty, we've been talking about how it ranks, what do you have for us?
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. we just got an e-mail, she
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says brian's road in southern maryland she has family that lives there. -- bears waking up downtown. they arrived late last night. the stadium should be ready. 700 workers cleared out the snow from the seats. 125 of those workers were minimal security inmates. parking lots open at 11:00 this morning. we'll will ready. now we continue with a team of reporters out in the snow. let's go back to gigi barnett who is back in canton.
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the board at the airport shows one word that ends all weekend travels. >> canceled. >> reporter: passengers watched the winter weather wreak havoc on their plans and left the airport empty. >> there's nothing i do about it. >> he was going home and missed his morning flight because of the storm. >> i must have called every cab service in baltimore to try to find a cab and only yellow cab picked up and told me there's only two cabs on the
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road. >> the weather stranded him again. he has one way to get through it. >> i have the internet. >> reporter: airport workers scurried to clear runways, passengers should call ahead before arriving. >> we have temporary closures, but it is important for people to make sure you check the web site before venturing out to the airport. >> the airport grounded 100 flights and some plans are up in the air. >> we'll see if anything clearing up. we'll stay for a while, if it changes, we'll call a taxi to bring us back home.
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>> good day to watch football inside. thank you, gigi. we continue now with andrea. she has more on the trouble that drivers have been running into on the roads. it's a little better this morning.
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a 4-wheel drive has no problem making a hill. this truck stuck in a snow bank. drivers having to pull over and bank off the wipers. they're scraping snow off of the sidewalk two and three times. and the enterprising ones are making money plowing, but one taxi driver trying to conduct business found it frightening. >> i was trying to come up the hill and the car was going backwards and forward. >> someone turning at the
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light and spun out and i'm parked on the side of the road and they kind of couldn't stop and went into my car. >> reporter: it means some are not getting to relatives for holidays. >> i was suppose to go home, to my parents and i can't get there for christmas, but i have these guys. >> the storm extended bus service from washington d.c. and new york, a company spokeswoman says it will resume once conditions improve. >> we've seen a little bit
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from the crews on the streets. let's check in with sharon gibala. >> hi, vick, good morning. as far as problems go, we're seeing more cars and that's creating some problems on the roads. looking outside and at the roads, basically on the primary roads, they're mostly clear but finding ice, average speeds of between 16-40 miles per hour on the beltway. that's the topside of the beltway, here's boston streeting you can see we're not looking at all lanes getting by, they have clear out one lane in each direction and there's falls road at 41st street. as far as the accidentses go, we have one on the topside of the beltway at the inner loop blocking two lanes, and two problems on 97 at veterans highway and another one blocking one lane. the big story on the main roads despite them looking more
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clear, there's ice an accidents happening now that we're seeing more on the roads. thank you. be safe and stay with wjz for the weather forecast, for updates, live doppler radar, closings and delays, a lot of them running on the screen, we invite you to log on. >> more first warning weather coverage is ahead. we continue to update the forecast and conditions on the road and back
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welcome back to an extended version of eyewitness news sunday morning. it's 8:90. wjz live with first warning weather. marty and tim updating the forecast. tim, the sunshine is looking good this morning. >> it is. let me give you a weather term, albido. it's the refor example of the sun off of the snow. that's what we will deal with and the sun is bright and glorious, but we have snow out
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there. the reflection is going to be a problem. that's going to be an issue. be forwarned. up to 32 degrees today. light snow flurries in the morning and 20 degrees tonight, clear and brisk. talking about a warmup each day over freezing. 38, 38 and 37. refreezing anything that melts overnight. 20 and 21. we have a potential wintery mix into friday and look at friday's temperature, 41 degrees, anything that comes down during the day is going to come down as rain. you can see christmas eve 32 degrees. talking about a big event going on today. a lot of folks braving it, here's the forecast. you have it
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fire up the grill and get out the brats. going back to gigi barnett, she's going to do a snow angle here live -- guess not.
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>> the street is coated with ice and you have no traction on your tires.
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>> emergency crews have had their work cut out for them. good morning, aaron, what's the latest? >> good morning. the emergency center activated. we were act activated through the night and worked with the department of transportation and other agencies to support the local jurisdictions and get them the resources they may need and monitor the snow removal with the state highways. >> any real emergencies to
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deal with? >> not really. like i say, we've been out, working with the national guards, they're supporting some of the local jurisdictions with first responders but no major issues i know of. >> any one area you're focused upon? >> not specifically, they say the primary roads, they were able to work on them through the night, and they're still working on some secondary roads today and be mindful of the overpasses and the ramps on the interstates, they could be icy and snow covered in those areas. >> thank you. >> stay with using we'll be right back
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welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. if you can help out, call the phone
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pickup. >> tim, good morning. taking a look at first warning doppler. to give you an idea of the storm we dealt with yesterday, off to the north and the east and moving up to new york, it's new york's problem moving up north and that's going to be a good thing for us. dealing with just some light snow showers but tapering off. temperatures up to around 32 degrees and the clouds break brisk and cold and 38 for monday and tuesday, 37 on wednesday, overnight lows. >> thank you. not just here in maryland, people along the east coast are
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preparing to clean up. the winter storm killed five people and shut down much of the country. they're country. >> motorists trapped along 77 in west virginia. one woman traveling said that the 9- hour trip took 26 hours. in washington d.c., a snowfall fight in the nation's capital. someone started throwing snowballs at cars passing through and that's when police arrived and started pulling out their guns and warning people to stop throwing snow. no one arrested or hurt. there's more weather coverage coming up, a calmer picture today, there's the sunshine, still freezing cold,
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the forecast is ahead.
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. complete coverage continues
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continues, it's wjz, maryland's news station. welcome back to the extended version of eyewitness news sunday morning. >> it's 8:28. >> people across maryland and the northeast dealing with the aftermath of a powerful and dangerous winter storm today. dumps inches of snow and even feet in some places and stranded thousands of travelers. >> lets look outside, the snow tapered off and the sun is shining. looking at the wjz outback. crews trying to clear roadways and freezing temperatures are not making it easier. >> live with first warning weather coverage. tim williams and marty bass have been tracking the storm from the beginning. >> it's a pleasant sight
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outside. we have clear conditions right now, it's a glorious start to your sunrise, the storm well up to the north and the east. we have the potential for light snow showers today but part of a different disturbance moving through the valley. the larger disturbance now. the satellite backed up in time and shows an all-snow event for most areas except for the eastern shore. came in and stayed through day yesterday and now moving out of here leaving us with temperatures below freezing and we're going to top out around freezing today. 18 in oak land. 27 in kent island and 23 in bel- air. the winds have picked up. we're in double digits. 14 mile-per-hour winds on the shore where they have some advisories and some concerns. there's a coastal flood advisory until later this morning for most areas along
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the area. we have temperatures up to 32 degrees today and getting blustery through the afternoon with flurries and the clouds break for the sun, mainly clear and cold tonight around 20 degrees. sunny with some refreezing tomorrow. tomorrow temperatures up to 38 degrees and down to about 20 in the overnight hours. now outside to marty
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thank you. first warning weather continues with a look at how state and local leaders are preparing for the cleanup process that lies ahead. cars get stuck on snowy roads. this massive winter storm continues a state of emergency. >> that allows us to muster the national guard, they're now forming up and deploying as counties and the city requests the help. >> reporter: in baltimore city, people scraped snow from
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windows. >> we still are encouraging people to not drive, to stay home so we can focus on cleaning the streets, getting to the secondary streets. >> the city reminding those to move cars from snow routes are they will be ticketed or toed. >> you can go online and check and see if you live on a snow emergency route, there should be signs as well as to call the snow room at 396-snow. >> major malls are closed and weekend school activities canceled. >> it's throwing off of travel plans. >> the ravens and the bears game will go on this afternoon. the bears arrived last night at 11:00. as far the stadium, it should be ready too, 700 workers spent most of saturday clearing out
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the snow. 125 were minimal security inmates, they dumped it in the harbor. gates open at 2:45. first warning weather continues continues with a team of reporters braving the cold. let's go to gigi barnett in canton. gigi. one word that ends all weekend travel. canceled. >> they watched the winter
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weather wreak havoc on their plans and left the airport empty. >> no reason to get upset. >> reporter: he was going home after a fall semester and missed his flight because of the storm. >> i must have called every cab informs baltimore to find a cab and only yellow cab pick up and told me there's only two on the road. >> now the weather has stranded him again. he has one way to get through it. >> industry the internet. >> reporter: workers scurried to the planes and cleared runways, they warned passengers to call ahead before arriving. >> we have temporary closures to make sure we're keeping things safe. but it's important to check the web site before going out to the airport. >> reporter: the airport grounded 100 flights and plans are up in the air. >> so far we'll see if anything clears up and they
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have a flight. >> our first warning weather coverage continues with gigi live on falls road in north baltimore and how drivers are dealing with the conditions there.
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thank you, and be safe along the road. >> people sending in photographs they're taking. you have one or two for us? >> a deer, almost looks real. but it's not. it's a faux deer.
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this is giving me problems this morning. keep sending in your photos. this looks like someone's picnic table. over a foot. >> stay with us for complete coverage of the weekend's winter storm. any closures or delays, log onto coverage still ahead. looking outside, there you go, tv hill, the sun is up. it's shining, it's a beautiful morning out there. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to our extended snow version of eyewitness news, tracking the conditions outside this morning. >> gigi has been outside in her camouflage an all white jacket. what's going on?
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you're just outside of the safeway in canton, is it still nuts? yesterday there was a million people going in and out and
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buying supplies and most wanted to be outdoors and checking out the scene out there. >> i think you're buddy is waiting to give you a ride somewhere. >> i am a prop and staying here. i'm not going anywhere. >> thank you. >> let's get an update on traffic conditions. sharon gibala joinings live from traffic control. >> good morning. things are improving, let's look outside at the beltway, we
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can tell you, the speeds, we were the teens and now you can see volume light and 38 miles per hour on the beltway. on 95 we have an accident on the inner loop on the shoulder. 85 at the tunnel between the toll plaza and the tunnel, that's closed for snow removal. they should have it re-opened shortly. 895 going to be the best alternate. one other accident on 32, looking at one lane blocked there. there's the left lane, a disabled vehicle, possibly because of a weather issue there. otherwise, everything starting to look better on the main roads. use some extra caution and give yourself extra time if you have to go anywhere. if you don't, it's a good day to stay home. thank you. much more ahead on first
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warning weather coverage. >> another live look outside, there's the satellite, missing some snow. making sure that everybody sees it. the great taste
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welcome back to our extended version of the eyewitness news, record snowfall over the last day including the nation's capital. there were upwards of two feet of snow and how the region is dealing with the storm. >> the massive winter storm arrived overnight as he returned on air force 1. by daybreak, conditions were
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getting worse, blowing snow made the white house almost invisible from a few blocks away. staffers went to a rare saturday session but not much else was moving. >> i file like i'm dancing with my car. >> it's really bad. >> mayor highways remain snow cover and in some places impassable despite the best efforts of crews. >> we can't get the roads cleared. >> snow totals topped a foot, accidents were too numerous to count and visibility reduced to zero. look at the traffic shot of 95. the busiest east coast freeway. the beltway clogged by blowing and drifting snow. trains are sidetracked. the metro shut down all above-
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ground stations. even the museums have been knocked out by the punch. the monster storm cut power to customers in 7 states. west virginia is the hardest hit. 166,000 customers without electricity. things could get worse as the storm spins north. >> this will go down as probably the biggest snowstorm ever in washington d.c. for december and it's probably a top five storm for philadelphia and washington d.c. of all time. >> some are finding it tough shredding and tomorrow could be just as challenging. some see a reason to smile. >> we'll have a white christmas. >> it could get whiter. another storm brewing which could bring more misery on christmas eve. >> reporter: taking a look, the
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u.s. senate preparing for critical test vote on health care. they picked up a vote from nelson after agreeing to tougher coverage on abortion. over the weekend, republicans promised to delay progress. the copenhagen conference ins agrees to help poor countries. the next step to come up with a treaty that enforce, guidelines that could come in mexico next year. we'll be right back
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welcome back, if you're just wake up, your snow coverage, checking in with tim williams. >> good morning, we're saying good-bye to the storm that rolled through yesterday. really telling the story, the storm is well up to the northeast, this is the bulk of it driven by a low offshore and pushing towards canada. stalling out but that's going to be the case for the next few hours, if you're up and around and see any disturbances in your area, it's moving through ohio valley, light snow showers kicking some of that over into your region and dealing with flurries this morning. nothing that is going to be like the last 36 hours. right now the temperatures at 24 degrees, winds from the west, northwest at 13 miles per hour. they've picked up.
8:56 am
expected to be blustery and our satellite shows seeing some clearing, the sunshine is now starting to peek through. sun glare going to be a problem for you this morning with that sun reflecting off of those bright snow on the ground. 32 is the high. down to 20 tonight. mainly clear, brisk and cold. >> thank you. another hour ahead. ♪ ♪ i'm cool like that, i'm cool like that ♪ ♪ i'm cool like that [ female announcer ] there's a smarter, cooler way to get your clothes brilliantly clean. and it's a turn for the better. ♪ i'm cool like that, i'm cool like that ♪ [ female announcer ] tide coldwater. it's specially formulated to clean in cold better than the other brand does in warm.
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what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ folgers in your cup. ♪ good morning, everyone. welcome back to our fourth hour of extended eyewitness news sunday morning. i'm chris carter. >> all those hours, they keep on coming. >> right now our entire viewing area is still dealing with record snowfall for december. it's causing big problems across maryland and all along the east coast. >> let's take a live look outside in downtown baltimore right now. the sun is shining. oh, bummer. i thought that was live.


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